Spitalfields City Farm has existed since 1978 and is located on former wasteland in London's East End. Whilst the farm cares for animals its most important function is to act as a refuge, rehabilitation, training and education centre for a number of individuals who because of mental and physical disabilities, behavioural problems, drug and alcohol addiction and crime, have not been able to successfully integrate themselves into society. Thus the farm acts as a support and therapy centre which allows volunteers, through constructive farm activities, to gain confidence and skills and provides socialising possibilities with other volunteers and members of the visiting public. There is a strong, supportive, family atmosphere on the farm which relaxes the volunteers who are very keen participants. Whilst they are sometimes supervised by qualified farm hands and given progress reports through their key workers, on the whole volunteers, after some training, are allowed to work on the farm independently, without much interference. They are encouraged to think up new ideas and projects independently and are given responsibility to see these ideas implemented. To quote Jimbo, "I come here to lower my stress levels and socialise...The farm gives structure to my day. I could sit and stare at four walls and drive myself mental. I can reflect on what I've done and think I've had a worthwhile day...You walk through those gates and it's another world."