Jimbo has been a farm volunteer since September 2005:
    "I maintain the farm, make sure it's in a healthy condition. I bounce in-between different people and help them out. It's all focused on teamwork, its like a chain - healthy farm, healthy animals, healthy visitors, healthy community, healthy donations!...I'm an alcoholic and on meds. I come to lower my stress levels and socialise, I've been teetotal for 1 year but had a severe mental breakdown. The farm gives structure to my day. I could sit and stare at four walls and drive myself mental. I can reflect on what I've done and think I've had a worthwhile day. If the farm didn't exist I'd be screaming, going mental. I'd just sit at home, go crazy and talk to a plant. You walk through those gates and it's another world. I love it here. I appreciate the farm, there should be a lot more of them. Rain, snow, hail, thunderstorms, I'm here, I love it!"

Jamie is 14 and has been a farm volunteer  since April 2005:
    "I left school because of truancy, there was bullying...I'm doing an NVQ in CCV (Certificate in Community Volunteering) and will do my GCSE's at the farm...I like the animals, it keeps me occupied and off the streets...I like  anything I can get interactive with...I'd be a runaway if I wasn't on the farm because I wouldn't go to school. I've got ADHT, the farm keeps me calm because it tires me out. I'm here all day Monday to Friday and Sunday."

Andrew is 21 and has been a farm volunteer for 7 years:
    "If I wasn't on the farm I'd be on the ocean...I like the hard work, you don't need a gym when you've got everything to do here. It feels like you're outside the city. It's peaceful and relaxing and a nice way to meet new people...The farm is a passion of mine, I love being around animals...I love the atmosphere, the feel of the countryside...I get to travel around London with the animals to schools and birthday parties...With all the people here and the animals its like my second family, we all get on really well together...It makes me feel good seeing people enjoying the farm. I've been here a long time and it's a big part of my life."

Bob has been a farm volunteer for 2 years:
    "I work in the office mostly, I also fix things, I save the farm hundreds of pounds! I'm here Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Before I came to the farm I was homeless and not very well. I'm living in a hostel and it was a condition of me staying there to do something 'constructive'. I came to the farm and just stayed here, I'd just be sitting at home otherwise...They look after you here, the farm has made me feel better. They leave you alone and you can just calm down and get better, it keeps you fit as well...I've always done voluntary work. I was with the St. John's Ambulance but got asked to leave for being 'hyperactive'. I've had lots of jobs, then I had a nervous breakdown...This place really sorts you out. You really notice the difference in six months."

Paul has been a farm volunteer for 1 and a half years:
    "I'm here to gain experience so I can get a job doing this sort of thing. I want to work with ex addicts, alcoholics, and young offenders doing conservation and things like that. This is all therapy for me. I've been off the gear for 2 years. I was an alcoholic and drug user. I was on the street for 7 years sleeping in a church...I was at the hostel and heard about this place and then came down for an interview. And now things are going brilliantly for me. I'm doing a conservation course and also working in Tower Hamlets cemetary. I'm basically going out to play. Its such fun."